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Compote Of Cherries


1-2 lb red cherries
3 rounded tablespoons granulated sugar
Good pinch of cinnamon
1 tablespoon arrowroot
Approximately pint water


Stone the cherries and put into a large pan with sugar and cin­namon. Cover pan and set on a low heat until the juice runs freely about 7-10 minutes; by this time cherries will be at boiling point. Draw pan aside.

Slake the arrowroot with a little of the cold water, add to the pan and shake. Add remain­ing water (see note below). Bring cherries to the boil again and turn into a serving dish. 

Note: Cherries are best stewed quickly this way because in prolonged cooking their skins become toughened. The addition of arrowroot here does make for a smoother and richer looking compote, but the result should not be gluey. The amount of water which should be added varies according to juiciness of cherries. Use your discretion, remembering that a compote should be rich-looking and tasting and full of fruit.

Stoning cherries. This should be done before cooking. The best and simplest implement to use is a small, pea-sized vegetable scoop. Alternatively, try the point of a potato peeler, or the bent end of a hairpin. Insert your implement at the stalk hole, give a twist and draw out the stone.

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