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Ricotta-Stuffed Peaches

Chopped walnuts offer a nice contrast in texture to the cheese filling. This is equally good with plums or nectarines.


cup (55 g) nonfat ricotta cheese
cup (55 g) nonfat cream cheese
1 tablespoon orange or lime juice
1 tablespoon grated orange zest
4 fresh peaches, peeled, pitted and halved
4 teaspoons chopped walnuts


Serves: 4


In a small bowl, thoroughly combine ricotta cheese, cream cheese, orange juice and orange zest. Place 2 peach halves on each serving plate. Fill each cavity with cheese mixture and sprinkle with chopped walnuts.

Each serving contains:- Cal.127, Cal. from Fat 28, Protein 5g, Carb.22g, Total Fiber 4g, Total Fat 3g, Sat. Fat 1g, Chol.6mg, Sodium 99mg

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