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Pineapple Ninon


1 ripe pineapple
Selection of the following fruit: orange sections, green grapes, whole glacÚ cherries, lychees, sliced pears, strawberries, bananas
Sugar (for dusting)
2 tablespoons kirsch
About ╝ pint double cream

For almond pastry

2 oz plain flour
Pinch of salt
1 oz ground almonds
1 oz butter
1 oz caster sugar
1 egg yolk

6-8 small fluted, or plain, tartlet tins


To prepare the pastry: make it up as for French flan pastry, sprinkling the almonds on the flour. Chill, then roll out and line into the tins. Bake blind. Take out of the tins and leave until cool.

Use a serrated knife to cut the top off the pineapple, then cut flesh out of the skin. Lift the pineapple flesh into a dish, slice and core. Prepare the chosen fruit and put in the dish with the pineapple; dust with sugar and sprinkle with kirsch. Cover and leave for about 1 hour in the coldest part of the re­frigerator.

When ready to serve take a flat silver, or steel, dish and arrange the hollowed-out pine­apple on this and fill with the fruit. Surround with the little tartlets filled with whipped cream. If wished, a veil of spun sugar could be thrown over the top of the pineapple.

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