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Pineapple Flambé 1


1 pineapple
Caster sugar (for dusting)
4-6 slices of stale sponge cake
About 3 oz butter
2 fl oz brandy, or rum

Chafing dish or flameproof pan


Slice the peel from the pine­apple, cut into slices and core. Dust well with caster sugar and set aside. Heat the chafing dish, brown the slices of sponge cake in about 1 oz butter until a light brown, dusting lightly with caster sugar during the frying time. Arrange cake on a hot dish. Wipe out the pan, drop in 1-2 oz butter, put in the slices of pine­apple, dust well with sugar and cook rapidly until just beginning to colour. Turn on full heat, pour in the brandy and dish up on the sponge cake while still flaming.

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