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Plum Suédoise


1½ lb red plum, stoned
Sugar syrup (made with ½ pint water, and 4 rounded tablespoons granulated sugar)
Scant ¾ oz gelatine
A few almonds (blanched)

6-inch diameter deep cake tin, or charlotte tin (1½ pints capacity)


Make the sugar syrup, then halve plums and poach them in it, making sure that they cook for at least 15 minutes to develop the flavour. Drain the fruit and keep a few of the best halves on one side; reserve syrup. Rub remaining halves through a nylon strainer into a bowl.

Measure ¾ pint of the syrup and pour ½ pint into the fruit puree. Soak and dissolve the gelatine over heat in the remain­ing ¼ pint of syrup and mix with purée. Put half a blanched almond in each reserved plum half and arrange at the bottom of wet tin, cut sides to the base of the tin.

When purée is on point of setting, carefully pour into wet tin; leave in a cool place to set. Turn out and serve with whipped fresh cream.

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