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Summer Pudding 2


1½-2 lb blackcurrants, or raspberries, or loganberries, or blackberries (picked over)
¼ pint water
Approximately ½ sandwich loaf (thinly sliced)
Granulated sugar (to taste)
Arrowroot (slaked with fruit juice, or water)

6-inch diameter top (No. 2 size) soufflé dish, or pudding basin (1½ pints capacity)


Put the fruit and water into a pan, cover and simmer for 4-5 minutes (1-2 minutes longer for currants); strain. Work the fruit in an electric blender with a little of the juice, or rub through a Mouli sieve. If blended, strain the pulp through a strainer to get rid of any tiny pips. Add the rest of the juice to the purée, sweeten well. Remove the crusts from the bread.

Pour a little fruit purée into bottom of dish or bowl, put 1-2 slices of bread on top and add more of the purée. Con­tinue like this until the dish is very full, making sure that each layer is well soaked with the purée. Reserve a good ¼ pint of purée for the sauce. Put a plate and a 2 lb weight on top of the pudding and leave overnight.

Add a little water to the reserved purée, add arrowroot, bring to the boil, stirring continuously, pour off and cool. Turn out pudding, spoon this sauce over it and serve with cream.

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