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Summer Pudding 1

Use an uncut sandwich loaf, if possible, rather than sliced bread which is too doughy and makes for a sodden pudding. The fruit should weigh 1 lb when picked over. To allow for the stalks etc. begin with 2 lb mixed fruit.


1 lb mixed fruit - currants, raspberries, stoned red cherries, etc. (picked over)
5-6 rounds of stale white sandwich loaf
4-6 oz granulated sugar

Pudding basin (1 pints capacity)


Remove crusts from bread and cut 1-2 slices to fit the bottom of the basin. Arrange slices to line the sides, cutting them if necessary and reserving two slices. Put the fruit and sugar into a shallow pan, cover and set on a low heat for 10-15 minutes, shaking pan occasion­ally. By this time the juice will have run and the fruit will be tender. Cool a little and adjust sweetening, if necessary.

Half fill the bread-lined basin with fruit, then put in one layer of bread and fill up with the fruit. Cover the fruit with bread and then spoon in just enough juice to fill the basin. Put a small plate on top, pressing it down on the bread and place a 2 lb weight on top. Stand basin on a plate to catch any juice that spills over. Refrigerate overnight, then turn out and serve with cream.

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