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Mixed Fruit Cordial


5 lb. morello cherries
5 lb. duke cherries
White sugar
5 lb. currants (red or black)
5 lb. raspberries


All the fruits must be ripe, dry and free from stalks. Break them up separately and then mix in an earthenware bowl. Leave the mixed pulp for five hours, stirring occasionally and then press through a fine sieve. To every pint of juice add one pint brandy and 1 lb. of sugar, mix well and put the mixture in a Kilner jar. Store in a dark cupboard and shake once daily for a month. Leave undisturbed for a further period until the liquid clears then drain off this clear liquid without disturbing the deposit. Pass the remainder through a jelly bag several times until it is also clear and combine the clarified liquid with that drawn off earlier. Bottle and cork tightly.

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