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Milk Punch


6 oranges
1 bottle rum or brandy
1 gallon water
1 quart new milk
6 lemons
2 lb. castor sugar
2 lb. lump sugar


Pare the oranges and lemons as thin as possible to avoid the pith or rub with the lump sugar to extract as much colour as possible. Steep the cut-up peel or flavoured lump sugar with the rum or brandy for twenty-four hours. Squeeze the fruit on to all the sugar and add to it the water and boiling milk. Add the rum (or brandy) and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Run through a jelly bag until perfectly clear, bottle and cork tightly immediately.

NOTE:- these quantities are more suitable for a punch to be drunk within a few days. If it is to be kept for a longer period do not add the water.

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