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Sweet, Still Mead 2


6 lb. heather honey
Mead yeast
1 gallon water


The sweetness of a mead prepared by method 1 is uncontrollable and the resulting wine may be excessively sweet. In this formula the sweetness is controlled. Ferment a mixture of 3 lb. of honey and 1 gallon of water as directed for Dry, Still Mead and when dry stir in 1 lb. of honey previously warmed to blood heat. Allow fermentation to continue and, when dry, repeat the process with a further 1 lb. of honey. If the wine again ferments to dryness, repeat once more when very little further fermentation should occur. Keep the jar or cask in a cold cellar for a month and syphon off the liquid without disturbing the yeast deposit, into a clean jar or cask. Fill completely, bung down lightly and store for one year, driving in the bung after the first two weeks and waxing over afterwards. At the end of this storage period, syphon off again, bottle, cork and wire and keep at least three years before sampling. Five or even seven years' storage in the bottle is desirable with sweet meads.

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