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Fun Food For Kids

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From time to time kids just need a little inspiration to try new things. This compilation of ways to make food more fun will encourage kids to experiment with their food.

Children might be fickle when it comes to food and it’s hard to keep up with what they like. One week they might be keen on granola bars, so you stock up on those only for them to inform you the next week they don’t like them any longer and haven’t for at least a year. They seem to have a totally different concept of time.

You can offer children very similar foods that continue to be healthy and nutritious, but served in different shapes or ways and all of a sudden they like them again.

Having a hard time getting your kids to eat? Don’t need to find a chef for this. Establish a connection with food.  What do your kids love? Use their current hobbies and interests.  Arrange the usual meal in different shapes and forms to immediately attract their attention. Presentation is key.  Make plates look more appealing and vibrant by using bright and colourful ingredients.  Fruits and veggies are great for this!  Cut them in small pieces so it is easier for them to grab and eat. Same but different.  Serve the usual meals in a creative way.  Make sandwiches on sticks, sushi, fruit lollipops or spaghetti squid. Play with your food.  Make a game out of the meal.  Invent crazy names for the dishes or tell them stories to spark their curiosity. Get them involved in the Cooking.  Bring your child to the supermarket and let him/her choose the fruits and vegetables.  Ask them for help to prepare the meal.